Although Australia has a mild winter by international standards, changing temperatures still have a major impact on the performance of your car.  Luckily, we have put together some top tips for getting your car safe and ready for winter.

1.Change your wiper blades 

Streaks on your windshield can be dangerous and greatly impact visibility, especially in winter glare, as the sun stays lower for longer. Did you know that it is generally recommended to change your blades twice annually? Changing temperatures and exposure to the elements hardens the plastic, which can even damage the glass if you’re not careful. If your wipers leave streaks, don’t clear the class completely, bump against the glass or rattle, a change up is long overdue. If you don’t know how to, Auto One has a handy DIY video to guide you through the steps:

2.Buy a battery charger 

Cooler temperatures can be hard on your battery. Its harder for batteries to start in cooler temperatures – especially on those frosty early Brisbane mornings. Make sure you have a battery charger or jumper leads close at hand, and have a technician check the terminals for corrosion. Especially if your battery is a few years old, it may not be up to the new winter.

3.Fix your lights 

Haven’t been bothered to fix up that left brake light that blew out six months ago? You might want to fix that up ASAP. Brisbane generally has at least one good fog every winter, and to be safe you need to be visible. New bulbs are available at Auto One.

4.Take your car for a tune up 

Cold weather magnifies existing problems like rough idling, hard starts and sluggish performance. In particular, make sure your brakes are checked to prevent locking and sliding in cool, wet weather.   For any other winter safety tips, come in store to Auto One and ask the friendly staff.